The dreaded SYNOPSIS

Course dateline: January 17 and February 7

Your book synopsis is a pitch to the publishing industry.

The agents feel a novel synopsis is SO important they have devoted two sessions to it.

There’s lots of contradictory advice online writes Curtis Brown’s course director Anna Davis, adding, ‘Nobody – but nobody – finds them easy to write!’

Your synopsis is the essence of your 600-page intricately constructed masterpiece crammed into one page of superb sales spiel. Cramming and selling – neither thing comes easily to authors.

‘I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead,’ wrote Mark Twain, highlighting the fact that writing succinctly is tough and time consuming!

Anna Davis’s tips on how to write one are here. I used them to write my synopsis and it did win a place on the course. You can find The Doll with a Bruise synopsis on this blog. Check out how it improves when the course kicks in.

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