15,000 manuscripts – meet the competition!

Curtis Brown is one of the best known literary agencies. In the UK alone it receives 15,000 manuscripts a year. 15 of us have won a chance to find out how to climb to the top of that list.

Just 15 of us with manuscripts burning holes in our hard-drives. 15,000 rivals; what are our chances? Do the math! So what makes us believe?

First, this is the only novel writing course run by a literary agency so it offers an exclusive peek inside the publishing world.

The exposure to agents and representatives from book publishers is what makes it unique.

The course includes a lot of successful authors who share their insights in guest-speaker sessions.

Historically, the agency has represented many famous authors including: D.H. Lawrence, C.S. Lewis, Daphne du Maurier, A.A. Milne, Winston Churchill, John Le Carre, Margaret Atwood and Ian Fleming… so they should know a good author when they see one!

It has offices in London in the UK, San Francisco, New Orleans and New York in the US and Sydney in Australia. The agency’s been around since 1899 and has merged or bought many other agencies in since, most recently including Conville and Walsh (now C+W) in 2013.

The Curtis Brown Creative team run the course. The first one started in 2011. It’s available in London but also online.

This blog aims to sneak you in to find out what the secrets are.

Here is Curtis Brown head honcho Jonny Geller on literary agents and what they want to see.

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