Plotting? Where did I go right?

Course dateline: September 27

Who’s the murderer, and err… who’s actually dead, do I even know how they died? Crucially, which of your characters knows what and how come the police can’t work it out?

Plots huh! You can’t live with them, but your characters can’t die without them.

My novel is less a ‘who-dun-it’ and more a ‘is she just imagining that she involved,’ style novel. Despite that I still had to work out an answer to all the questions above and weirdly those answers kept changing throughout the writing process.

As I hammered away at the final chapter I was surprised to find things didn’t go the way I expected at all – characters insisting on being themselves without reference to my plot plan. And yet, remarkably, the plot all comes together and is probably the element I’m most excited about.

Clearly this isn’t the recommended method of writing your novel. The biggest mystery in my novel is: where did I go right!?

The course covers Plotting and Story on September 27th. I’ll be paying close attention. I’m up for some tweaks.

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