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Where do ideas come from? 15 months ago, if you’d told me I’d write a women’s psychological thriller, my response would have been, ‘that’s the last thing I’d write!’

About then an agent emailed that my humorous book series was being rejected. Six publishers had told her the market was ‘too crowded’.

‘What they really want,’ she added, ‘is literary thrillers with a psychological twist’.

That month I wrote a 2,000 word short story about an octopus and a woman linked to a murder. It was titled ‘Sucker’. My local writing group were kind about my writing, liked the idea but worried about my state of mind. Next month a second narrative stream appeared from nowhere, totally un-linked to the first. So far, so unpromising!

Over six months a novel plan emerged from some random disparate thoughts. Seven months later it was a manuscript – oo-er!

On September 20th I found out how I should have gone about getting inspired. I was also introduced to mood boards – find out how to do one for your novel.

Terry at Interact

Terry has some novel ideas

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