Openings – your toughest hurdle

‘Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again’ Curtis Brown author Daphne du Maurier conjures atmosphere and intrigue in her opening to ‘Rebecca’.

The first 1,000 words (2-2½ pp) of your book are vital. Even more crucial when an agent is whisking through 100s of submissions. You have to engage the reader and have them invested in character, setting or plot or, ideally, all three.

Agents have such a workload that they won’t read your debut masterpiece if the first few pages don’t grip them.

I want the opening to my novel to:

  1. Intrigue;
  2. Set up the key dilemma (plot) of the book;
  3. Include a fascinating character

What will I learn to challenge these ideas and sharpen my opening

The course tackles OPENINGS on October the 4th.

How will my opening change after the experts critique it? You can read the first 1,000 words here – feel free to start tearing it to shreds in your comments!! Just don’t hurt Gone Puss.

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