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Most writing courses aim to make you a better writer only this one aims to get you a book deal. Not everyone gets there; it’s fiercely competitive. They say 40,000 novels are finished each week. Given those odds, Curtis Brown generating 50+ book deals since 2011 is a cracking hit rate.

To win a place on this course you must submit a started novel, you have to be able to write and pitch a synopsis that agents believe has the potential to be a novel.

So naturally the course sets high standards, it’s pricey, it involves a lot of time, travel and a commitment to weekly work.

I’m familiar with the topics set out on the course but I’m not a published novelist. I expect my skills to be given a professional sheen in every area. I’ll report back on every topic, what I took from it and how it improved:

  1. My novel
  2. My understanding of the industry
  3. My writing

My aim is to capture the elements that turn an enthusiastic creative writer into someone ready to submit novels to international book publishers.

We have a number of published authors acting as tutors, there is a host of guest speakers bringing their expertise to our table. Agents, authors and publishers all regularly feature.


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