The Miniaturist’s six figure advance

‘Curtis Brown Creative is world-class. I will always be grateful for my place on the course.’ Jessie Burton

Jessie Burton is Curtis Brown’s original success story and it’s first poster girl.

She signed up for their first creative writing course in 2011 with a manuscript for a novel set in Dutch Golden Age of the 17th Century. It was called The Miniaturist. It was published in summer 2014, which says something about the gestation period of traditional publishing.

Since then many writers have signed up for the Curtis Brown course hoping to follow the six-figure advance and worldwide success of the book. Jessie followed it up with another Sunday Times no. 1 bestseller in The Muse in 2016.

Here I’ve attached a link to ‘Dear Juliet’ an article on Jessie’s website that describes the process of writing her successful pitch letter to literary agent Juliet Mushens. Usefully it includes the letter itself and has notes from agent Juliet on why it worked for her. I’ve used the same formula to pitch my earlier efforts to Juliet but without the same result… as yet.

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